Burn, Baby, Burn: Fisker Inferno

by Greg Pollowitz

Hurricane Sandy not only flooded Fisker electric cars at the port of Newark, but caused them to catch fire:

A story by Business Insider reports that 16 Fisker Karmas at the Port of Newark in New Jersey, submerged in seawater by Hurricane Sandy, caught fire.

Because of the storm damage, Fisker representatives have not had access to the port facilities. At this point, there is no reliable information about what might have happened, or if the fires had anything to do with the cars’ electric drive systems.

A Fisker spokesman sent CNET a statement saying that the cars were not being charged at the time, and that there were no injuries related to the fire. The statement goes on to say that Fisker will investigate once it has access to the cars.

I wonder if Fisker will now ask for more federal assistance, this time for the literal bailout of their waterlogged, yet somehow burned-out duds. 

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