Sandy: Super Government to the Rescue?

by Henry Payne

Media outlets were quick to use Hurricane Sandy as proof of the importance of the Nanny State. “You know when big government is all right for some of the phonies, in government and in the media, who rail constantly against it? When we get hit the way we got hit this week,” ranted The New York Daily News Mike Lupica on November 1 on no more evidence than President Obama showing up in Jersey for a walk around (before quickly getting back on the campaign trail).

Seems Lupica & Co. spoke too soon.

More than two weeks later and large swaths of Metro New York were STILL suffering without power . . . thanks to Big Government. Folks on the streets of Long Island and Rockaway had nothing but contempt for slow-moving FEMA and the local, government-owned utility, Long Island Power Authority. That’s right, government owned.

“LIPA neglected basic maintenance to prevent outages, such as replacing rotting poles and trimming trees around power lines, according to a state report released by the Public Service Commission’s Public Service Department in June. The $3.7 billion-a-year government-owned corporation spent $37.5 million less than committed over five years on hardening the grid to protect against major storm damage, according to the report,” reported Newsday.

So inept was Big Government that even Lupica’s liberal Daily News finally woke up and demanded that LIPA be privatized. Meanwhile, the only thing that seems to be working in Rockaway are volunteers helping the needy. Super Government to the rescue? Never mind.

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