Tesla vs the New York Times


The fight continues between Tesla and the scathing review the Times gave their Model S sedan.

First up, Elon Musk posted on the Tesla blog tons of technical information showing where the Times allegedly erred in their review.

Then the New York Times responded, with, basically, we stick by our story.

And finally, Rebecca Greenfield of the Atlantic wrote a detailed, point by point, analysis of the Musk technical data and concluded:

Not all of Musk’s data is entirely convincing and the parts that are don’t point to a malicious plot. In the end, it looks like Broder made some compromises to get from the Newark charging station to the Milford one, in both speed and temperature. Broder may not have used Musk’s car the way Musk would like, but Musk is, for now, overhyping his case for a breach of journalism ethics.

So, it’s a tie?


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