Hollywood’s Elite Whine About Costly Bureaucratic Environmental Rules


These libs don’t get the irony that it’s their political philosophy that put this bureaucratic nightmare in place to begin with.

Via the Daily Mail:

The celebrities fighting to stop their homes being swept into the sea: How LA neighborhood of the stars is struggling to survive

And. . .

Homeowners said they have spent about $5 million so far for scientific studies and regulatory approvals but they have not yet completed a formal proposal for the coastal and state lands commissions.

’We have faced a bureaucratic nightmare in attempting to accomplish this project,’ said Marshall Grossman, a lawyer with a retreat on Broad Beach. 

’One would think we were attempting to build high-rise condos on a public beach.’

Even if Broad Beach residents get their sand, such erosion-fighting measures are going to remain an issue in the future.

I guess Hollywood liberals are as clueless as President Obama in determining how fast a “shovel-ready project” can be implemented.


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