Obama’s Fundraiser for Energy-Gobbling Green One Percenters

by Henry Payne

President Obama, scourge of the One Percent and friend of the earth, burned 230 tons of carbon dioxide aboard Air Force One (a gallon of jet fuel a second) on a six-hour commute to a Democratic fundraiser in the California home of green activist Tom Steyer — private equity billionaire and founder of Farallon Capital Management.

We’re not making this up.

From the profits of his $21 billion-in-assets hedge fund, Steyer has founded NextGen Action, a group policing global -arming issues — though apparently not the issue of presidents burning oil to raise money for his green causes. No, Steyer wants to block the Keystone Pipeline to prevent 20,000 more jobs for 99 Percenters and 700,000 more barrels a day of Canadian crude oil from coming to market.

One hundred people coughed up $5,000–$34,200 Wednesday evening for the privilege of hearing guest speakers Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Steve Israel (D., N.Y.), give an update on the president’s progress towards stopping the rise of the oceans.

The green savior-in-chief will then climb aboard his armored, gas-guzzling, limo — codenamed “The Beast” — and travel with his multi-Beast motorcade to the California spread of Ann Getty, interior designer to the rich and famous. Getty’s expensive furniture graces the 10,000 square-foot, coal-burning homes of One Percenters across the globe.

Some 75 attendees will pay $32,400 a head to sit in air-conditioned splendor to raise money for Pelosi — and her commitment to end fossil fuels.

Carbon austerity for thee, but not for me.

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