EU Imposing Duties on Chinese Solar Panels

by Greg Pollowitz

The BBC reports:

The European Commission has announced it is imposing temporary anti-dumping levies on Chinese solar panel imports.

It comes despite opposition from Germany and other European Union members, and amid fears it could spark a trade war.

The Commission – the EU’s executive arm – argues that Chinese firms are unfairly undercutting rivals.

EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht has said Chinese panels are being sold below cost and damaging competition.

The measures come into force on Thursday, 6 June, in all of the bloc’s 27 member states.

Initially they will be in force for a trial period.

Protectionism is the natural next step, no? How can countries continue to use taxpayer money to finance these green schemes only to be undersold by the totalitarian Chinese? I’m not saying that this is best for consumers or taxpayers, but the natural progression of things. 

And I don’t think America will be far behind.

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