Climate speech: Obama’s howler


What was the most cringe-worthy moment in Barack Obama’s cringemaking anti-carbon-plan speech in Georgetown this week?

Was it his extolling “the first humans to orbit the moon (who) took a photo that would change the way we see and think about our world”? This from the president who has ended the manned flight program?
Was it his promise to “refuse to condemn your generation and future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing”? This from a president who has piled up a record $17 trillion in debt left to future generations?
No, for my money it is this quote: “Since 2006, no country on Earth has reduced its total carbon pollution by as much as the United States of America,” he said to applause. “So it’s a good start.”


According to an analysis of government data by energy consultant John Miller for the left-leaning, the top two reasons for the 12 percent drop in CO2 emissions from 2007-2012 were 1) natural gas fuel switching  (45 percent of the total) and 2) reduced demand due to the Great Recession (27 percent).

In both instances, Obama should can the self-congratulation. In the case of natural gas, Obama repeatedly pooh-poohed the gas fracking revolution (until his 2012 campaign, when he took credit for it), and his green allies despise fracking and intend to suffocate it just as soon as they dispose of King Coal. Secondly, Obama has dismissed the idea that CO2 reduction inhibits growth. One thing is certain, though: inhibited economic growth equals CO2 reduction.

So here’s to the future of natural gas (until the greens declare war on it). And here’s to long recessions (the president’s secret weapon to reduce emissions).

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