Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is Really Worried about Sea Levels in South Florida

by Greg Pollowitz

She writes on the DNC blog:

As a representative of South Florida, climate change threatens the very existence of our communities. Since the 1920s alone, we’ve experienced 9-inches of sea-level rises. This may sound inconsequential but if trends continue or accelerate as we pump more greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, communities like mine in South Florida and coastal communities all across the country face a desperate fight against rising sea levels.

Schultz represents Florida’s 23rd Congressional district. Here’s a map:

Duh. If you build giant hotels and apartments on a barrier island mere feet above sea level, yes: you are at risk. Schultz continues:

But sea level “could” rise is the important distinction here. It means that we still have an opportunity to reverse course. It means hope for the millions of families in Florida and other communities across our country. And it means that our actions today can affect the outcomes tomorrow.

Oddly, Schultz never suggests not building in areas that “could” be affected. If you believe climate change is real and a threat, shouldn’t new zoning laws — however politically suicidal — be part of your solution?

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