Sen. Barrasso: Obama’s Energy Tax Will Cost Jobs

by Greg Pollowitz

The Senator from Wyoming writes in Investor’s Business Daily:

Last month, President Obama unveiled his plan for a national energy tax. On Thursday, I am introducing legislation that will give senators a chance to tell the American people exactly where they stand on this proposal.

The president’s plan would increase energy costs for seniors, small businesses, and low-income families. It also would kill jobs across the country. The president would do all of this without the consideration of the American people or their representatives in Congress.

Soon after the president made his announcement, energy companies announced they would close three coal-fired power plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Nearly 500 people will lose their jobs because of Washington regulation. Congress must act to stop President Obama’s regulatory overkill before it is too late.

Of course, the president has tried to push his massive energy tax before. When he ran for president in 2008, he said that under his plan, electric rates would “necessarily skyrocket.” He also said he would ensure that anyone who tried to make energy using traditional sources, instead of his preferred methods, would go bankrupt.

With the strong support of the American people, the Democrat-controlled Congress rejected President Obama’s attempts in his first term. So now he’s making a power grab to give himself unprecedented new authority.

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