‘The Folly of Blocking Natural Gas-Exports’

by Greg Pollowitz

Robert Zubrin had a good piece in yesterday’s Washington Times arguing that U.S. interference with natural-gas markets “makes energy more expensive, not less.” An excerpt:

Like the makers of crops, airplanes and books, producers of natural gas create goods to meet the size of their available market. The larger the market, the more they can produce, and the more revenue they can obtain both to cover their fixed costs and invest in future development.

This is why, as the world’s population has gone up, nearly all goods have become cheaper and more plentiful, rather than the reverse. This is also why blockading another nation’s exports is generally considered to be a hostile act, rather than a form of economic assistance.

The federal government was created to defend the United States, not to wage war upon it. The Obama administration should lift its blockade of American natural-gas exports now.

The whole thing here.

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