Government Motors Champions Turn on General Motors

by Henry Payne

Democrats have the Government Motors bailout to thank for their party’s White House and Senate victories in 2012, as Detroit auto company rescues were crucial to holding swing manufacturing states like Ohio and Michigan.

But now that the federal government has exited GM, Democrats and their media cheerleaders are throwing the company under the bus as part of their 2014 War on Business campaign.

Appearing before a Senate Committee Wednesday investigating GM’s recall of 2.6 million vehicles over a faulty ignition switch linked to 13 deaths, GM CEO Mary Barra was harangued as a corporate murderer. Yes, the same Mary Barra who was President Obama’s State of the Union guest. The first female auto CEO! More evidence of why Democrats saved America’s jewel! As NRO’s Jim Geraghty notes in his must-read reporting on this issue, President Obama and his Auto Czar Steve Rattner are suddenly mute on their bailout triumph.

“Look at what happened to General Motors. We saved Made-in-America for domestic auto production. We saved thousands of jobs,” said Senator Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.), in 2010 on her way to reelection — re-election aided by contributions from the UAW, which was the focus of the auto bailout. No bailout, no union campaign funds for Democratic pols.

Yet on Wednesday, McCaskill accused  Barra of a “culture of cover-up” because “she would not talk about specifics at any of these hearings.”

That’s rich.

McCaskill media sympathizers covered up White House intimidation of secured bondholders during the auto bailout. They ignored White House favoritism towards Delphi retirees over white-collar retirees. And they don’t want to talk about the specifics of the curious timing of the feds’ selling their last GM shares in December — just weeks before the company declared its Switchgate liabilities.

“Insider trading?” asks NRO reporter Greg Pollowitz.

Democrats are unconcerned. As they have been of the daily casualties resulting from Obamacare’s stripping of millions of Americans of their insurance. What’s more, Democrats like Michigan Senate candidate Gary Peters (another UAW bailout beneficiary also mute on the Switchgate issue) have attacked cancer patients who have dared complain of their shoddy Obamacare treatment. Imagine if GM were to smear the casualties of Switchgate as drunks and liars.

Sadly, in today’s highly partisan Democrat and media circles, all that matters is defending Obama’s legacy. Any bad news that happened during government ownership of GM? What government ownership?

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