New Genetic Study Suggests Polar Bears Can Survive in a Warmer Climate

by Greg Pollowitz

Well, duh. An excerpt from the Alaska Dispatch:

The new genetic information raises questions about today’s polar bears, classified as threatened under the Endangered Species Act because of rapidly-changing conditions in their Arctic habitat.

If polar bears survived in the much-warmer conditions that existed in past millennia, Cronin argues, it is logical to assume that they could survive in future warming conditions – even in conditions without summer sea ice in the Arctic. 

“Our data suggests that polar bears have survived a long time, including past glacial and interglacial periods,” he said. “To say they’re not going to survive in the future is speculation.”

The threatened listing applied to polar bears in 2008, was a policy decision, not a scientific decision that accurately reflects polar bears’ likelihood of extinction, Cronin argues. “My interest is science. Can you ignore data from the past just because you don’t like it?” he said.

The whole thing here.

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