What We’re Reading

by Greg Pollowitz

James Taranto, WSJ: The case for skepticism about climate scientists.

Irwin Stelzer, The Weekly Standard: Let’s tax carbon.

Bloomberg Businessweek: China targets 70 gigawatts of solar power to cut coal reliance.

David Rose, reporter for the Daily Mail and Vanity FairWith Modi’s landslide victory in India, you can kiss a world [greenhouse gas] treaty in Paris 2015 goodbye. His government has one priority: growth.

Marc Morano, Climate DepotScientists in cover-up of research casting doubt on ‘global warming’ because it was ‘less than helpful’ to their cause.

Claire Carter, Telegraph U.K.: Global warming research suppressed due to intolerance of scepticism, claims scientist

Puneet Kollipara, Washington PostWhy society is failing to stop global warming, in one 90-second video.