Hollywood Hypocrisy on Global Warming

by Greg Pollowitz

Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who both starred in James Cameron’s alarmist documentary Years of Living Dangerously, showed up in Cannes to promote their new film Expendables 3 in two tanks. Yes, gas-guzzling, planet-killing, Soviet-era tanks (well, armored personnel carriers of some sort):

The Croisette is not the easiest street to negotiate during the Cannes film festival. The traffic crawls crossly between the long strip of grand hotels and the prom with beach beyond. Officials cordon off stretches for long periods, tourists hub around hotel doors in the hope of seeing a star, irate journalists and film-makers jostle and shove. Scooters, motorbikes, pedalos and segways add to the melee. Protesters, musicians, mime artists and a small motorised train don’t help.

So it was a measure of the affection that The Expendables cast are held in that when they rode slowly down the Croisette on two massive Soviet-era tanks, completely clogging the thoroughfare, festival-goers simply cheered them on and took out their smartphones to take a photo.

The stunt contributed to the estimated $2m bill for this weekend’s promotional push, and formed the filling in a day which began with a promo of clips from the movie, and concluded with a star-studded press conference at the Carlton hotel.

Some photos of the stunt:

And here you can see the second one in the background:

They just don’t get how hypocritical they are, do they? 



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