Vice President Biden Talks Climate Change at the Air Force Academy

by Greg Pollowitz

Via the WSJ

Third, we’re reinforcing international norms that constitute the global rules of the road — international norms regarding nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, international norms regarding the freedom of navigation on both the seas and in the air, and international norms relating to sovereignty and territorial integrity, and establishing international norms that are still taking shape but are badly needed in the 21st century with respect to cybersecurity, climate change and global trading.

That’s why we imposed unprecedented sanctions on Iran, to create the possibility to peacefully address the threat posed by their nuclear program. But whatever means, they will not acquire nuclear weapons.

It’s why we stand up against bullying and aggression in international waters and airspace in the Pacific, why we condemn Russia’s violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity and the illegal annexation of Crimea, and why we will continue to support a democratic Ukraine, and why we’re determined to complete international trade agreements to raise the standard of economic conduct in the Atlantic and Pacific, and why we believe it’s essential that we make progress on a global framework for climate change.

A “global framework” to fight climate change? Where did I hear that before? Oh, yeah. From the President’s address at West Point earlier in the day:

I intend to make sure America is out front in putting together a global framework to preserve our planet.

Well, at least they’re green enough to recycle their rhetoric.

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