New Poll in Kentucky Has Grimes Winning; EPA, McConnell Losing

by Greg Pollowitz

There’s a new poll out by Magellan Strategies, a Republican polling firm, that has Alison Lundergan Grimes over incumbent Mitch McConnell 49 percent to 46 percent.

Which isn’t that surprising really. Real Clear Politics has the race a “toss up” and this poll is as close as other recent polls.

What could be good news for the McConnell campaign though are these results that show how vulnerable Grimes is when it comes to the EPA’s new rule to regulate power plant emissions:

T5. As you may know, the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency on Monday proposed a new regulation to cut carbon emissions by 30% from existing power plants by the year 2030. From what you have seen, read and heard about the new regulation, do you support it or oppose it? 
Total Support – 34% 
Total Oppose – 52%

T6. Which is more important to you, President Obama focusing his time and attention on creating a new regulation for power plants to combat climate change or focusing his attention on creating jobs and growing our economy? 

Focusing on new regulation for power plants – 14% 
Focusing on creating jobs and the economy – 80% 
Unsure or no opinion – 6% 

I am now going to read to you some more information about the new regulation. After 
hearing the information, please tell me if you are more likely to support or oppose the 
new regulation, or if it makes no difference in your opinion. 
T7. The EPA regulation requires the states to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030, 
which would reduce global carbon emissions by a very small amount. 
More likely to support the new regulation — 24% 
More likely to oppose the new regulation – 48% 
No difference in your decision — 26% 
Unsure or no opinion – 2% 

T8. The EPA regulation would require the 50 states to meet their carbon emission target 
limits through state based cap-and-trade, tax, and regulatory programs. 
More likely to support the new regulation — 21% 
More likely to oppose the new regulation — 52% 
No difference in your decision – 24% 
Unsure or no opinion – 3%

[. . .]

T11. Thinking now about the election this November, are you more likely to support or 
oppose a candidate for the United States Senate that supports the Obama 
Administration’s new carbon emission regulation? 
More likely to support a candidate that supports – 28% 
More likely to oppose a candidate that supports  – 58% 
Unsure or no opinion – 14% 

The more McConnell can tie Grimes to the EPA and the president, the better of he’ll be.




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