Scientists Shocked That Penguins Are Adapting To Climate Change

by Greg Pollowitz

Penguin alarmism bites the dust:

Researchers From The University Of Minnesota Have Discovered That Emperor Penguins Are Acting In Such A Manner Which Might Assist Them In Adjusting To A Warmer Earth Because Of Climate Change.

Research conducted earlier had supposed that emperor penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri) were philopatric or were loyal to their nesting grounds. Images taken from satellite now suggest that these penguins are not going back to the same place for breeding.

The research team discovered six cases where penguins changed their breeding grounds in duration of three years. Michelle LaRue presented the findings of the research at the IDEACITY conference in Toronto and the study will be published in the journal Ecography.

Another related research by British Antarctic Survey scientists had shown that these birds were deserting their customary breeding grounds for steady ice shelves. 

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