The Green Church Has Taken the Fun out of Formula One

by Henry Payne

Europe has a history of religious intolerance. Today’s Green Church fits the mold.

In their determination to drain all joy out of life, Green priests have set their sights on Europe-based Formula One racing, the world’s most popular form of motorsport. In a bow to the EU’s anti-carbon doctrine, F1 teams this year were forced to field hybrid-electric racers. Where once F1 defined “screaming speed machine,” they now sound like strangled cats.

“It is important for Formula One to evolve,” said ex-Chief Bureaucrat Max Mosley, godfather of F1’s eco-rules. “The environment is the big challenge of the 21st.”

Actually, F1’s survivability is the big challenge.

The new rules have made the sport less attractive to spectators with attendance down in 2014. Worse, the hybrid engines have accelerated the sport’s affordability crisis where $300 million-a-year budgets were already a concern. At last weekend’s U.S. Grand Prix, two teams pulled out due to high costs — and three more nearly boycotted the event.

Ignore economics and bad things happen. President Obama has put green ideology above people. His job-killing wars on coal and Keystone are contributing factors in the slow U.S. recovery. F1’s surrender to Green zealots is raising concerns up and down the pit lane.

“With race cars, or music, it’s about the sound and the experience of it. If you went to see the Rolling Stones and they came out and said tonight we’re only doing an acoustic set because we’re getting old and don’t want all the noise then the crowd wouldn’t be very happy and rightly so,” says Formula One racing superstar David Coulthard of the negative reaction to Green F1.

Drivers hate it. Teams hate it. Fans hate it. “We cannot afford to ignore our fans,” says Coulthard.

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