While Homeless in Detroit Freeze, White House Spends on Global Warming

by Henry Payne

Detroit -
Area shelters are bursting at the seams thanks to record-low November temperatures.

Meanwhile, a White House task force is proposing to spend up to $100 billion – not on helping the homeless survive another brutal winter — but on global warming “preparedness and resilience,” including $6 billion for Midwestern states to combat rising temperatures.

This week’s arctic blast sent temperatures in Detroit to lows not seen since 1880, according to the National Weather Service.

“The record low for this date was 11 degrees set in 1880,” said meteorologist Rachel Kulik Tuesday. Normal daily temperatures are between 34 and 48 degrees. The bone-chilling weather followed record-setting cold weather last winter — and 19 years of global cooling.

“We’ve been seeing record numbers,” said Kathy Goodrich, the director of the Macomb Warming Center and Ray of Hope Day Center, of the influx on homeless to her shelters as temps have plummeted. “Last year on our opening night, we had 97 people, and this year, we had 119 people.”

Yet, the Obama administration will divert more taxpayer money to ivory-tower academics to study global-warming mitigation at universities like Michigan State, which recently received a grant from the EPA.

This month President Obama unilaterally declared — with Communist China appropriately enough — that the U.S. would cut emissions a crippling 26 to 28 percent over the next decade, forcing more misery on Midwesterners by shuttering coal plants and hiking electricity rates. During the Great Recession, the U.S. saw carbon emissions decrease by 7 percent with devastating effects on Michigan’s economy.

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