Tooth Fairy Tom


The ridiculous Thomas Friedman warns in his Sunday New York Times column that the United States has, like Greece, been practicing “Tooth Fairy economics” by spending beyond our means. Now, Mr. Friedman says, after years of “giving things away to voters, it’s now going to be, mostly, about taking things away. Goodbye Tooth Fairy politics, hello Root Canal politics. . . . [U.S. politicians] have got to use every dollar wisely now.”

And where did these pols get the idea that money grows on trees?

Perhaps from listening to the advice of speaker-on-demand Friedman, who has made a living lecturing Americans that we should give away $7,500 in tax credits to subsidize green car purchases, spend $14 billion in stimulus money on impractical renewable energy and mass transit, extend massive subsidies for wind and solar operations, and spend trillions giving away a new, government-run, universal-health-care entitlement called Obamacare.

We have met the Tooth Fairy. His name is Friedman.


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