Van Jones Stumps for Michigan Guv’s Green Utopia


Detroit — Ex-green jobs czar and 9-11 conspiracy theorist Van Jones may be persona non grata in Washington Democratic circles, but his radical ideas of a “total transformation of society” via a new, government-ordered green economy still resonate among Democrats here in the Midwest. Jones will be raising money on June 12 in Michigan’s state capital for green governor Jennifer Granholm’s political cashbox — the Granholm Leadership Fund — as the keynote speaker at the “Michigan Summit: Blueprint for Change.” The event is sponsored by Granholm’s puppeteers, the United Autoworkers Union and the Michigan Education Association (the state’s largest teachers union).

“We wanted to alert you to an exciting event coming up,” reads a fundraising e-mail from the guv’s fund. “Register to hear the globally recognized, award-winning pioneer in human rights and the clean-energy economy bring his positive message of change to Michigan! . . . . Here in Michigan, where we stand on the cusp of a clean energy jobs revolution, Jones’ message is vital to remaking our economy so we all share in the prosperity, not just the privileged few.”

Green workers of the world unite! Jones’ radical message echoes that of Granholm, a market socialist and close Obama ally who has been subsidizing green industries with state and federal monies. She and Jones both appeared at the “Green Today, Jobs Tomorrow” conference in Lansing a year ago, as reported by ‘You are at ground zero of the new economy that will define the new century,’ said Van Jones, President Barack Obama’s special advisor on green jobs, enterprise and innovation. ‘We’ll either create the jobs of the future in the industrial heartland or we’ll create no jobs at all.’ Granholm, in later remarks to the conference, said, “The growth trajectory is huge as long as the policy is right. The opportunity for us to lead the nation in being green is very bright.” Jones particularly praised Granholm for her efforts to attract new battery production, an effort he said no other governor was undertaking.


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