National Academy of Sciences Releases 860-Page Report on Climate Change


From the Los Angeles Times summary of the report:

In a sharp change from its cautious approach in the past, the National Academy of Sciences on Wednesday called for taxes on carbon emissions, a cap-and-trade program for such emissions or some other strong action to curb runaway global warming.

Such actions, which would increase the cost of using coal and petroleum — at least in the immediate future — are necessary because “climate change is occurring, the Earth is warming … concentrations of carbon dioxide are increasing, and there are very clear fingerprints that link [those effects] to humans,” said Pamela A. Matson of Stanford University, who chaired one of five panels organized by the academy at the request of Congress to look at the science of climate change and how the nation should respond.

The three reports issued Wednesday, totaling more than 860 pages, provide the broad outlines for a U.S. response to the threat; two more reports are to come.

Let’s review. We can’t get the Attorney General or the Director of Homeland Security to read a 20-page law from Arizona, so is there any chance that anyone at Team Obama World HQ reads this? Of course not, but we have the stenographers of the MSM to tell us what’s in it, because even though they didn’t read the report themselves, we know what’s in it because the people who wrote it have told us what’s important.

One thing that did jump out from the write-up, however:

They also lay out a series of potential ways to adapt to inevitable changes, such as shifting vulnerable populations away from coasts and finding ways to protect the limited water supplies in the Southwest.

Yeah, this will go over well. Who wants to be the first Democrat to outlaw any new construction in potential global-warming caused flood zones?


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