Important Update from Spain


I have learned from Dr. Gabriel Calzada — the man whose “green jobs” study has now been affirmed as true by the Spanish Socialist Zapatero government (despite the sleazy effort pushed by former Al Gore CEO Cathy Zoi and the American Wind Energy Association, with the help of the Center for American Progress, to dismiss the findings about Obama’s “green economy” model) — that “the president of the National Commission of Energy [the Spanish energy regulator], the socialist Maite Costa, says the current system is ‘unsustainable’!”

Now . . . will AWE, CAP, and Team Obama try to smear Sra. Costa? (Is there some honor code among socialists?). Or will she, too, be accused of being “unpatriotic.” That’s what the Spanish renewable energy association president and the communist trade union said about Calzada. Not for what he said. But for saying it — and harming the wind industry’s chances of getting new life breathed into it here, when the bubble was inevitably going to burst over there. As it since has.

By the way, all of this just makes it more important that you get the whole backstory and slimy, sleazy operation from Power Grab.


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