Windfarm Cancelled to Protect Autistic Children


The planned development of a windfarm in North Lincolnshire has been halted due to the adverse effect it would have on two autistic children living nearby. You may recall my ongoing campaign against windfarm development until we know the extent of its adverse effects to the surrounding population (namely in low-frequency noise pollution and its blight on the landscape) but here is a tangible example of how one such farm would have damaged the quality of life for two young boys.

The BBC gives a synopsis of events in which the Glathorne family, already living in the shadow of two wind turbines at the rear of their home, were successful in petitioning the planning inspectorate in their village to stop a second development slated to overlook the front of their home as well. Currently there are many petitions across the whole of the British countryside aimed at simply curtailing these intrusive and ineffective structures. It is good to see there are some victors in this fight for common sense


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