The NYT and Europe’s Unsustainability


So the New York Times is lifting the curtain — ever so slightly — on the bankruptcies of state that are inherently demanded by the European “social democratic model,” which the Obama administration continues to embrace to this very hour. That’s the same administration that out of the other side of its mouth is urging Europe to scale back its profligate public-sector commitments to avoid going under and dragging us with it.

After all, the Obamanistas have a “fundamental transformation” to impose, and can’t allow it be overwhelmed by public curiosity about what caused things in the workers’ paradise to go so horribly wrong. And focusing on shoring up our own economic mess wouldn’t be conducive to imposing the rest of Obama’s agenda — beginning with the “green economy,” which of course is all about “organizing society” and nothing about “climate,” etc. — as I detail here.

Oddly, nowhere in the Times piece does it mention “green” or “renewable” energy, an expensive and net-job-killing fetish that imposes massive economic inefficiencies and redundancies at the cost of staggering debt and “skyrocketing” energy costs. It is precisely what is dragging down Spain at the moment, as even the Spanish socialists are now admitting.

Yet, as with other aspects of his thoroughgoing statism, Obama has not eased off, but is pressing the gas harder and harder to lock in this system of wealth transfer and (more) enormous debt — which means taxes, when it doesn’t mean overwhelming the entire economic system (a crisis from which only more statism can save you, they will surely say) — while he has the chance.


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