Democrats’ Big Biz Helper


Detroit – Big Government means Big Business. You know about the cozy relationship of Democrats and Big Pharma and Big Hospice on Obamacare. Now comes Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn to explain how more government regulation benefits Big Auto.

Speaking in Detroit last week, Ghosn explained how the demands of new technologies to meet increasingly stringent government miles-per-gallon edicts are forever tilting the playing field to the big boys. Reports Autoweek: “Technology is getting more expensive. Automakers must simultaneously develop gasoline, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicle technology because they can’t predict which technologies will prevail, Ghosn said.”

Of course, the demands of a global marketplace play a role also. But automakers can only meet miles-per-gallon demands by selling alternative technologies — whether the customer wants to buy them or not. And if they don’t, then auto companies must be big enough to afford lobbyists to squeeze taxpayer subsidies out of Washington to cover their costs.


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