Daniels Still Debating 2012 Run

by Katrina Trinko

Talking to the Washington Post’s Dan Balz, Mitch Daniels said his thinking about whether to run for president or not was currently “muddled.”

But while Daniels’s dithering suggests a potentially half-hearted candidate, Daniels wants to make clear that’s not the case.

“If we get in, we will go all out, and we know a little about how to do that,” he said. “So reluctance or hesitation about running doesn’t mean we would be a reluctant candidate if we got there.”

It’s believed that while Daniels wants to run, his family’s reluctant attitude toward a campaign is holding him back. Balz reported that Daniels “got quiet” when asked about the family situation.

“I don’t have much more to say about that,” Daniels replied. “It’s just a very important factor.”

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