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Palin: ‘We Can’t Fight Every War’


In a speech delivered last night at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colo., Palin outlined a five point approach toward foreign policy. The full transcript of her foreign policy remarks is available at Barbaric Thoughts; here’s the short version:

1. “We should only commit our forces when clear and vital American interests are at stake, period.”

2. “If we have to fight, we fight to win. To do that we use overwhelming force. We only send our troops into war with the objective to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible.” (Palin dismissed “nation building” as “a nice idea in theory.”)

3. “We must have clearly defined goals and objectives before sending our troops into harm’s way.”

4. “American soldiers must never be put under foreign command.”

5. “Sending our armed forces should be the last resort.  … However, we will encourage the forces of freedom around the world who are sincerely fighting for the empowerment of the individual.”

Politico’s Ben Smith notes the departure of neocons Randy Scheunemann and Michael Goldfarb from Palin’s PAC staff may signal a foreign policy shift for Palin, who has now hired Hoover Institution fellow Peter Schweizer.

Also via Barbaric Thoughts, here’s video footage of Palin’s remarks on foreign policy.


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