Bachmann Takes ‘Sex Appeal’ Remark As Compliment

by Katrina Trinko

While Tim Pawlenty was appalled at his campaign co-chair Vin Weber’s remarks yesterday that Michele Bachmann had “sex appeal,” (Pawlenty called Weber’s remarks a “wrong statement”), Michele Bachmann was unphased, reports the Washington Post:

Vin Weber, an adviser to former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, said he received a call today from Rep. Michele Bachmann, roughly 24 hours after he drew negative headlines for referring to her “sex appeal.” “She said she knows I’ve always bent over backwards to say good things about her and that she took my comments as complimentary,” Weber, a former Minnesota congressman, said in an email to The Fix. “We have been and remain good friends.” Bachmann, like Pawlenty, is pursuing the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

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