Perry on Marijuana Legalization

by Katrina Trinko

Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin talks to Perry spokesman Mark Miner about what exactly Rick Perry thinks about states legalizing marijuana:

I began by asking if Perry still favored state legalization of drugs. He [Miner] answered, “The Governor is opposed to the legalizing of drugs.” But does he still favor what he says in the book, letting states legalize marijuana? “He is opposed to legalizing marijuana.” Is that a change from the book or not? “He has been opposed. [Update II (5:25 (p.m.)]: Miner sent me further clarification: “The Governor does not support legalizing any drug. The Governor supports federal drug laws where appropriate. And while the Governor is personally opposed to legalizing the use of medical marijuana, if states want to allow doctor prescribed medical marijuana, it seems to him that under the 10th amendment, they have the right to do so.” Oh my.]

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