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Daniels Talks 9-9-9, Perry’s Flat Tax



The enthusiasm behind Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, Mitch Daniels suggested today, has to do with a growing awareness about America’s fiscal situation

“I think people are saying that they like candor, that they like specifics, that they sense —  even though no candidate, certainly not the president and not yet our own — has fully leveled with people about the extremity of the situation we’re in, but they can sense it,” Daniels told Fox News host Neil Cavuto in an interview today.

“Therefore, when somebody speaks forthrightly about a very big, bold departure that has jobs and has economic growth of the private sector at its core, like Mr. Cain has, I think there’s an audience for that. I think probably Gov. Perry’s going to find a receptive audience with his somewhat similar suggestion this week,” Daniels said, referring to the flat tax plan that Perry will introduce in a speech tomorrow in South Carolina.


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