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Cain: ‘I Have No Idea Who’s Egging This On, Who’s On This Witch Hunt’


“I believe this is coming up now because I’m doing so well in this Republican presidential campaign,” Herman Cain said in an interview tonight, noting he was in the “top tier” and “statistically tied with Mitt Romney.”

“I have no idea who’s egging this on, who’s on this witch hunt,” he told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren. “I am convinced, and my staff and I are convinced, that it is intended to one, distract us — and it is a distraction. Secondly, a lot of people have a problem with the fact that I’m doing so well and I’m so likeable. Third, since they cannot shoot holes in my proposals, my plans, they’re going to try to shoot holes in me, the candidate, so that’s the reason it’s coming up now.”

Asked if he had a “roaming eye,” Cain said, “I enjoy flowers like everybody else.”

“No, not at all,” he added. After another question, Cain clarified, “I wouldn’t say not at all. It depends on what you mean and the extent to which you mean.”

“I know I never made any innuendos with the lady that filed the [formal] complaint … None,” Cain continued, saying that the same was true about the other woman who had reportedly alleged sexual harassment charges.

He said that to his knowledge, there were no more sexual harassments charges against him.

“Is it possible that someone is going to make something up?” Cain asked. “Yes. But is it going to be credible, in terms of there was an actual sexual harassment case filed? No, because I would have known about it. … But I have no absolutely no doubt in my mind that there’s no other credible ones out there that could actually show up and okay, ‘here we go again.’ You won’t get a ‘here we go again’ because there isn’t anything.”

In reference to how his campaign had dealt with the Politico reporters, Cain said, “Why defend something before you know what it is that you have to defend? I’m glad that we waited, because they quoted three board members, who basically confirmed my character and my integrity.”


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