Romney and Iowa

by Katrina Trinko

With two months to the Iowa caucuses, it’s still not clear if Mitt Romney intends to make a play in Iowa or not. On one hand, he continues to do very well in the polls there, either leading or in second place in recent polls. On the other hand … he lost to Mike Huckabee there in 2008, and with a huge lead in New Hampshire, he can be relatively confident that he’ll be the Granite State victor heading into South Carolina. 

But an e-mail this morning from his campaign suggests that they have no intention of shutting the door on an Iowa bid just yet: “RICK PERRY: WRONG FOR IOWA,” is the e-mail’s subject line.

“At today’s events in Iowa, Governor Perry probably won’t mention his support for tuition breaks for illegal immigrants at Texas colleges and universities, or the fact that he is promising job creation that would fail to even keep pace with population growth. Rick Perry has been in office for nearly three decades, and Iowans should know that he will say and do anything to get elected,” said Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams in a statement in the e-mail.

Perry is doing events in Pella and Des Moines, Iowa today.

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