Perry Camp Slams Romney on Carbon Dioxide Emissions Record

by Katrina Trinko

The Perry campaigned e-mailed reporters this Politico piece about Mitt Romney’s decision to limit carbon dioxide emissions:

While the former Massachusetts governor often touts his decision not to sign up for a regional cap-and-trade compact, he also glosses over a six-year-old set of carbon dioxide rules that his aides touted at the time as the first in the country for electric utilities.

Democrats and environmentalists panned Romney’s rules as weak tea.Under Romney’s regulations, finalized in September 2006, Massachusetts’s six largest power plants faced mandatory CO2 limits with several market-friendly compliance options designed to help keep the costs down.

Democrats and environmentalists panned Romney’s rules as weak tea. 

“Mitt Romney should clear the air, take a position on regulating CO2 emissions, and stick with it,” said Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan in a statement. 

In Pittsburgh last week, Romney said, “And the idea of spending trillions and trillions of dollars to try to reduce CO2 emissions is not the right course for us.”

UPDATE: “Two things: Mitt Romney opposes cap-and-trade because it would cost trillions of dollars for consumers and businesses,” e-mails Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul. “Also, Rick Perry served as Al Gore’s campaign chairman in Texas. Instead of distorting Mitt Romney’s record, Gov. Perry should explain why he lined up behind Al Gore’s radical environmental agenda.” 

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