Perry Campaign Suggest Romney Camp Behind Cain Leaks

by Katrina Trinko


From CBS News:

Perry’s communications director Ray Sullivan told CBS News, “No one at this campaign was involved in this story, and the first we knew about it was when we read Politico.”

Sullivan said no other staffers have said they had knowledge of the incidents at the NRA. He also volunteered a possible connection between the story and Mitt Romney:

“There are in blog postings around as well… discussing that Cain’s successor at the restaurant association is a big Romney donor and some of the board members… There are much closer ocnnections between the restaurant association, Cain and the Romney camp than there are with us.”

Asked about the accusation, Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul e-mails, “Not true.” Herman Cain is accusing a Perry employee of being behind the leaks. 

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