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Over Two-Thirds of Republicans Say Cain Allegations Make No Difference to Vote


In a poll conducted entirely after the sexual harassment allegations broke, Herman Cain is at 23 percent, just percentage point behind Mitt Romney’s 24 percent support, a gap within the Washington Post/ABC News poll’s 5.5 points margin of error.

Seven out of 10 Republicans or those leaning GOP said the allegations made “no difference” to whether they would vote for Cain. Asked if the charges were serious, 39 percent thought they were and 55 percent did not.

Rick Perry placed third in the poll at 13 percent, with Newt Gingrich just behind him at 12 percent. Ron Paul is in fifth place (8 percent), followed by Michele Bachmann (4 percent), and Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum (1 percent).


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