Bialek Hugged Cain at Tea Party Conference

by Katrina Trinko

The Chicago Sun-Times reports WIND radio host Amy Jacobson’s account of Sharon Bialek’s meeting with Herman Cain at the TeaCon2011:

They hugged each other backstage in a full embrace like old friends.

She grabbed his arm and whispered in his left ear.

She kept talking as he bent to listen, and he kept saying “Uh, huh. Uh, huh.”


“I don’t know if what she was giving him was a sucker punch, but he didn’t put his arm down while she was talking to him,” said the Sneed source. …

The encounter: “It looked sort of flirtatious,” said Jacobson. “I mean they were hugging. But she could have been giving him the kiss of death for all I know. I had no idea what they were talking about, but she was inches from his ear.”

The Sun-Times also has a photo of Bialek posing with Cain and a couple others. 

In a CBS interview this morning, Bialek would not say she definitely wouldn’t vote for Cain. ”I’d have to think about that,” she said. 

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