Romney: Allegations Against Cain Are ‘Serious’

by Katrina Trinko


Mitt Romney called the latest allegation against Herman Cain “a very serious matter” in an interview today.


 “Anytime there is an accuser that comes forward with charges of this nature you recognize this is a very serious matter and it should be taken seriously,” Romney told ABC News.


“They’re going to have to be addressed seriously,” he said of the allegations.


Romney would not say that if the allegations were found to be accurate that Cain should be considered “disqualified.”


“I don’t want to suppose truth or lack of truth,” Romney said. “I just think it’s important to recognize that a number of women have come forward with concerns. This woman’s charges are particular disturbing and they’re serious.”


Rick Perry declined to comment on the Cain allegations in his ABC News interview today.


“I think trying to make theoretical calls about issues that are dogging a particular campaign is not of great interest to me,” he said. 

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