Perry Remains Optimistic About Odds

by Katrina Trinko


Asked by Fox Business Network host Neil Cavuto about if he still could pull off a comeback in the GOP primary race, Rick Perry said today, “We’re a long way from having the election over with. You can go back and look at history and whether it was the ‘92 election. when Bill Clinton was up and down and back and forth and you go back in time, even in 2008. So a long way before this election is over with.  I will guarantee you, Iowa, South Carolina and even New Hampshire, those states are wide open.”

He also jabbed rival Mitt Romney when the Massachusetts health-care program came up. “He had his staff working with Obama to put Obamacare into place and they used Romneycare as their example,” Perry said. a reference to the fact that some who advised Romney on creating the Massachusetts health-care program also advised President Obama.

Perry continued his anti-Washington message.


“They tried to pass a balanced budget amendment today that was a weak bill that frankly didn’t have any teeth to it,” he commented. “When I go to Washington,  I’m not going to make friends. I may step on a few toes. The idea that Washington DC and a congressman or woman makes three times what the average American family makes is really obscene.”

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