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Cain to Make Letterman Appearance


Herman Cain will be a guest on David Letterman’s show next Friday (Nov. 18), reports the New York Times

‘November 7, 2012’


The Romney campaign releases a web video with an eye to the general election:

Candidates’ Wives Become Friends


ABC News reports that Anita Perry, Mary Kaye Huntsman, and Callista Gingrich are all friends with one another. Perry and Huntsman even exchange e-mails:


While they see each other at debates and other major political events, the two keep in contact with each other via email, sending each other quick missives several times a week.

“Just a quick, ‘How you doing?’ ‘Where are you today?’ ‘Keep your head up high.’ It’s more on things that we do, too,” Huntsman said. “I’ll send her a picture of the kids doing something, a lot of things about what our kids are doing because that is where you have to stay most centered and realize it puts the right perspective on some of these things that are happening around you.”

Perry and Huntsman’s conversations stick strictly to friendly topics, checking in on when they’ll see each other again and how their families are handling the campaign.



As Herman Cain continues to face sexual harassment allegations, Rick Perry releases an ad to be shown in Iowa entitled “Values,” that stresses his family and faith:

Cain on Bialek: ‘I Don’t Remember Knowing Her’


Herman Cain denied in an interview this afternoon that he had met Sharon Bialek in Washington D.C. one night in 1997, as she alleged.

“I reject all the accusations. I don’t remember that,” Cain said in ABC/Yahoo interview, referring to Bialek’s claim that she had met with Cain for drinks and that the two had driven off together.  “I don’t remember knowing her.”

Cain said that as he watched Bialek’s press conference, he tried “to recall who she was and if I knew her.” But he said he could not “even recall knowing her back then” in 1997, when she worked at the National Restaurant Association.

“I have absolutely not acted inappropriately with this lady or anyone else in my entire career,” Cain said.

He also said he did not intend to let the allegations make him end his campaign.

“I am not going to be discouraged to the point that I’m going to pull out of this race because of these baseless attacks,” Cain said.

Romney: Allegations Against Cain Are ‘Serious’



Mitt Romney called the latest allegation against Herman Cain “a very serious matter” in an interview today.


 “Anytime there is an accuser that comes forward with charges of this nature you recognize this is a very serious matter and it should be taken seriously,” Romney told ABC News.


“They’re going to have to be addressed seriously,” he said of the allegations.


Romney would not say that if the allegations were found to be accurate that Cain should be considered “disqualified.”


“I don’t want to suppose truth or lack of truth,” Romney said. “I just think it’s important to recognize that a number of women have come forward with concerns. This woman’s charges are particular disturbing and they’re serious.”


Rick Perry declined to comment on the Cain allegations in his ABC News interview today.


“I think trying to make theoretical calls about issues that are dogging a particular campaign is not of great interest to me,” he said. 

Cain Camp Questions Bialek’s Background


The Cain campaign just sent out this statement:

As Ms. Sharon Bialek has placed herself in the public spotlight through making patently false allegations against Herman Cain, it is only fair to compare her track record alongside Mr. Cain’s.

In stark contrast to Mr. Cain’s four decades spent climbing the corporate ladder rising to the level of CEO at multiple successful business enterprises, Ms. Bialek has taken a far different path.

The fact is that Ms. Bialek has had a long and troubled history, from the courts to personal finances – which may help explain why she has come forward 14 years after an alleged incident with Mr. Cain, powered by celebrity attorney and long term Democrat donor Gloria Allred.

In the courts, Ms. Bialek has had a lengthy record in the Cook County Court system over various civil lawsuits. The following cases on file in Cook County are:

· 2000-M1-707461 Defendant against Broadcare Management

· 2000-M1-714398 Defendant in lawsuit against Broadcare Management

· 2000-M1-701522 Defendant in lawsuit against Broadcare Management

· 2005-M1-111072 Defendant in lawsuit against Mr. Mark Beatovic.

· 2007-M1-189176 Defendant in lawsuit against Midland Funding.

· 2009-M1-158826 Defendant in lawsuit against Illinois Lending.

Ms. Bialek was also sued in 1999 over a paternity matter according to ABC 7 Chicago (WLS-TV). Source: WLS-TV, November 7, 2011

In personal finances, PACER (Federal Court) records show that Ms. Bialek has filed for bankruptcy in the Northern District of Illinois bankruptcy court in 1991 and 2001. The respective case numbers according to the PACER system are 1:01-bk-22664 and 1:91-bk-23273.

Ms. Bialek has worked for nine employers over the last seventeen years. Source: WLS-TV, November 7, 2011

Curiously, if Ms. Bialek had intended to take legal action, the statute of limitations would have passed a decade ago.

Which brings up the question of why she would make such reprehensible statements now?

The questions should be – who is financing her legal team, have any media agreed to pay for her story, and has she been offered employment for taking these actions?

Schock Endorses Romney


Rep. Aaron Schock (R., Ill.) endorsed Mitt Romney today. 

For Romney, it just adds another to his growing list of congressional endorsements: the Associated Press reported last week that Romney has 33 such endorsements to Rick Perry’s 14. The other candidates are even further behind. 

Christie to Campaign for Romney in NH Tomorrow


Chris Christie will be campaigning for Mitt Romney in New Hampshire tomorrow, first attending a volunteer rally at the Romney campaign’s Granite State headquarters in Manchester, and then attending a house party in Nashua. 

After the house party, Christie will head over to Boston and watch that night’s debate with the winner of a contest sponsored by the Romney campaign, per the Union-Leader.

‘Scared Mittless’


The Huntsman campaign targets Mitt Romney in a new web video focusing on his lack of media availability:

Bialek Hugged Cain at Tea Party Conference


The Chicago Sun-Times reports WIND radio host Amy Jacobson’s account of Sharon Bialek’s meeting with Herman Cain at the TeaCon2011:

They hugged each other backstage in a full embrace like old friends.

She grabbed his arm and whispered in his left ear.

She kept talking as he bent to listen, and he kept saying “Uh, huh. Uh, huh.”


“I don’t know if what she was giving him was a sucker punch, but he didn’t put his arm down while she was talking to him,” said the Sneed source. …

The encounter: “It looked sort of flirtatious,” said Jacobson. “I mean they were hugging. But she could have been giving him the kiss of death for all I know. I had no idea what they were talking about, but she was inches from his ear.”

The Sun-Times also has a photo of Bialek posing with Cain and a couple others. 

In a CBS interview this morning, Bialek would not say she definitely wouldn’t vote for Cain. ”I’d have to think about that,” she said. 

Cain: Not ‘An Ounce of Truth’ in Allegations


Speaking about the allegations made by Sharon Bialek earlier today, Herman Cain said there was not “an ounce of truth” in her statement.

 “I had a few of my staff members there with me,” Cain told ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel in an interview tonight, describing watching the press conference earlier in the day, “and I’m sitting here and they’re watching me and they can see steam coming out of my ears. The feelings that you have when you know that all of this is totally fabricated, you go from anger, then you get disgusted, you try to control yourself to make sure you watch this thing all the way through it and I was listening very closely.”

“And then when it was all over with,” he added, “I said I know what we got to do because there’s not an ounce of truth in all of these accusations and my team is putting this stuff together. That’s why I’m willing to do a press conference tomorrow to set the record straight.”

Cain is scheduled to hold a press conference in Arizona tomorrow afternoon.

“We watched it,” Cain said of Bialek’s press conference, “because we didn’t even know this whole thing about woman number 4 was going to even come out. So that was a surprise. At least it wasn’t one of the many that have the first name ‘anonymous.’ So now this one actually had a name and a face, so we watched it to see what it was and who it was and we are dealing with it.”

“We are taking this head on,” Cain emphasized.

When Cain talked about the impressive fundraising his campaign had done since the allegations broke ($2 million at least), Kimmel joked, “Do you think other candidates will follow suit and hire women to charge them with sexual harassment?” Cain rejoined in kind, saying, “If they’re smart, they will.”

Cain said he called his wife after the press conference finished (they were in different states today), and she gave him this response: “’The things that that woman described,’ she said, ‘that doesn’t even sound like you and I’ve known you for 45 years.’”

“My own wife said that I wouldn’t do anything as silly as what that lady was talking about because she does know me,” Cain pointed out. “I’ve been married for 43 years to the same woman, and I’m proud of it.”

Cain Releases New Web Video


Herman Cain released this new web video today:

Cain Slams Media in Commentary


A commentary Herman Cain sent out to supporters tonight:


I am a serious person, seeking the opportunity to do a serious and very important job. Our nation has very serious problems, particularly of an economic nature, and Barack Obama does not have the skill, knowledge or will to solve them.

I do.

Unfortunately, the media-driven process by which one must seek this opportunity is fundamentally unserious. I have touched on this before – the emphasis on “gaffes,” gotcha questions and time devoted to trivial nonsense – and everyone knows the process only became further detached from relevance this week as the media published anonymous, ancient, vague personal allegations against me.

Once this kind of nonsense starts, the media’s rules say you have to act in a certain way. I am well aware of these rules. And I refuse to play by them.

There are several reasons for this. One is that, lest anyone forget, we actually have serious matters to talk about. Since the media went bananas over this so-called story, my schedule has not changed in the slightest. I have continued to make all planned public appearances. I have continued to answer questions about my 9-9-9 tax reform plan. I have continued to do everything else that our strategy proscribes.

Another reason I refuse to play by these rules is that, by doing it my way, I’m getting much better results. My fundraising has skyrocketed since all this nonsense began. Just this weekend, the Washington Post has come out with a new poll – taken since all this started – showing me in the lead nationally, with my numbers on the rise.

The media may be obsessed with this business, but the voters are not. And I am not.

But there’s another crucially important reason I refuse to play by these rules: These rules stink. Can the process by which we pick the leader of our nation be any more absurd? I’m not talking about the primary process or the role of the electorate. There is nothing wrong with that. I am talking about the media’s trivializing of such an important matter.

Consider: I held various executive positions in corporate America for several decades. I had thousands of employees working for me. I can’t even begin to recall how many conversations I had with people during that time, how many directives I gave, how much friendly banter might have taken place.

I also had to make tough decisions during these years. I turned around a poorly performing region for Burger King, then turned around a struggling Godfather’s Pizza organization. At some point during a career like this, someone will not like things you do, or how you do it. Someone will complain.

That is just the nature of things if you’ve ever done much in your life.

So once the editors of Politico started looking for people who would make claims against me, their chances of finding a few takers were probably about 100 percent. These people will not give their names. The so-called “witnesses” who purportedly corroborated their stories also will not give their names. That’s about what you would expect when people are engaging in a “hatchet job,” as it’s been described by Joseph Fassler, who was chairman of the National Restaurant Association board when I was there.

It’s easy to make accusations when, by virtue of your anonymity, you don’t have to be held accountable for the claims you’re making. It’s easy to publish them when, like Politico, you don’t follow basic rules of journalism by naming your sources or giving any details whatsoever about what supposedly happened.

But the process by which we choose our presidents has become so warped that, when something like this happens, the media and political strategists start grading you on whether you play an absurd game by their absurd rules.

When someone stops you on the street and hits you with an accusation like this, they subsequently write a story about the look in your eyes, and how many seconds it took you to speak some words in response. They go to “crisis management experts” who offer the usual sage wisdom about “getting all the information out” – as if you can get any “information” out (aside from telling them nothing happened, which they don’t want to hear) in response to allegations that are unsourced and nonspecific.

Then, when you haven’t “calmed the firestorm” – if only because the people wielding the blow-torches have no intention of putting them out – more experts are put on the air to say this proves you are “not ready for prime time.”

Maybe that would matter if I was trying out for the cast of Saturday Night Live. But this should be a slightly more serious undertaking than that.

Contrary to the belief of experts, so wise and learned in the ways of politics, I do know what the established rules say I am supposed to do. I simply refuse to do it. That’s because the rules are ridiculous, and they produce leaders like Barack Obama, who play the political game like experts but govern like complete incompetents.

The nation needs its tax structure reformed, its spending brought under control, its debt reduced and its overall governing structure made far more responsive to the needs of the people. The nation needs many other problems addressed. If it’s OK with the American people, I would like to address them.

If the media want to continue talking about nonsense, that’s fine. I’m not going to join them. It doesn’t look like the citizenry plans to join them either.

Bachmann: Rivals Are ‘Frugal Socialists’


CBS News reports on Michele Bachmann’s speech at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., today:


The candidate had harsh words for her fellow opponents, whom she accused of being “frugal socialists.”

“We can’t preserve liberty for ourselves and our posterity if the choice in next November is between a frugal socialist and an out-of-control socialist,” Bachmann said. When a reporter asked her who she was referring to, she joked, “You see, that’s part of the puzzle that you figure out when I give the speech. Good try!” she said as the audience chuckled.

Social Conservatives Urge Cain to Address New Allegation



Concerned Women of America’s president and CEO Penny Nance issues this statement (emphasis mine):

While seeing Gloria Allred insert herself into another national scandal (her last client was a porn star) was disturbing, listening to Sharon Bialek’s story of how she was dealt with by Herman Cain was even more shocking.  I have to reiterate, that in my dealings with Mr. Cain, he has always been a gentleman. However, hearing that there is a growing number of women who have accused Mr. Cain of inappropriate behavior gives me pause.

This woman is now the face of an issue that continues to grow and be a distraction for Mr. Cain’s campaign.  Mr. Cain needs to address these new allegations head on. Unlike anonymous allegations, Ms. Bialek  appeared credible and I was very disturbed by her characterization of what happened.  Whoever Republican primary voters choose as president should be a man or woman of good moral character.  We said when Bill Clinton was president that character counts and we still believe that.

Meanwhile, the Des Moines Register reports that two prominent Iowa social conservative leaders would like to hear Herman Cain also address the charges:

Bob Vander Plaats, president of the Family Leader, a conservative organization that promotes Christian values, said in a telephone interview this afternoon that Cain needs to address these allegations head-on, or a “cloud of doubt will envelop his candidacy.”

“The Iowa and American voter are fair when humility, sincerity and authenticity are communicated. This is a ‘tipping point’ for the viability of his campaign,” Vander Plaats said.

Steve Scheffler, head of the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition, another conservative organization, said he didn’t hear the press conference with the fourth victim and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, but advised Cain to be forthcoming at this point.

“Denying some of the charges and then sometimes later saying he remembers some of the facts is not helpful,” Scheffler said.

Laudner Endorses Santorum


Chuck Laudner, a Iowa political operative who was Rep. Steve King’s chief of staff at one point, endorsed Rick Santorum today. The Iowa Republican’s Craig Robinson explains why it’s a valuable endorsement for Santorum:


Laudner’s endorsement of Santorum comes at a critical time.  Santorum has done a good job of getting to know Iowans by campaigning in every county in the state.  People like Santorum.  They openly say so, but he has yet to seal the deal with many of them.  Laudner provides the Santorum campaign with two key things.

First, he provides a signal that even though Santorum’s poll numbers don’t reflect much movement, conservatives are beginning to coalesce around his campaign.  Secondly, Laudner provides the campaign with someone who can twist a few arms, which is something the Santorum campaign lacks.

Laudner is hands down the best-connected conservative activists in the state.  Not only does he have strong ties to Congressman King, Bob Vander Plaats, and Steve Scheffler, but he has connections to grassroots activists in all 99 counties.  Having Laudner on board should allow the Santorum campaign to target key social conservative activists who are currently sitting on the sidelines and get them to support Santorum’s campaign.

Full piece here.

Cain Accuser Speaks


Sharon Bialek, a woman employed by the National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation in the late 90’s, accused Herman Cain of inappropriate sexual contact today in a press conference with celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

Bialek said she first met Cain when employed by the NRA as a manager of industry relations. She lost her job there shortly thereafter, and at her boyfriend’s suggestion, arranged to meet Cain in D.C. over coffee in 1997 to discuss her career. She told Cain what hotel she would be staying at; when she arrived, she had been upgraded to a suite, which she later found out had been through his doing, although she says she was not aware of that at the time. Cain also switched their meeting to a restaurant. After eating, Bialek said the two drove over to the National Restaurant Association headquarters; she assumed he would show her the offices.

“He suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg, under my skirt, and reached for my genitals,” said Bialek of what happened next. “He also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. I was very, very surprised and very shocked. I said, ‘What are you doing? You know I have a boyfriend. This isn’t what I came here for.’ Mr. Cain said, ‘You want a job, right?’ I asked him to stop and he did. I asked him to take me back to my hotel, which he did, right away.”

Bialek said she told her boyfriend and another friend that Cain had been “sexually inappropriate” to her at the time, but said she had not detailed what occurred.

Bialek, identified by Allred as a registered Republican, said she saw Cain again about a month ago at a Tea Party conference in the Chicago area. She asked him if he remembered her. “He acknowledged that he remembered me from the foundation, but he kind of looked uncomfortable,” Bialek said. “He said nothing as he was whisked away for his speech by his handlers.”

As noted, before the press conference began, the Cain campaign put out a statement saying the allegations were “completely false.”

At this time, Bialek does not intend to go forward with a lawsuit against Cain.

Cain, Romney Tied for First


Results from Gallup poll of Republicans released today: Herman Cain and Mitt Romney (21 percent), Newt Gingrich (12 percent), Rick Perry (11 percent), Ron Paul (8 percent), Michele Bachmann (3 percent), Rick Santorum (2 percent), and Jon Huntsman (1 percent).

Fifty-three percent do not think the allegations against Cain are true, while 35 percent do.

The ‘Not Mitt Romney’ Coalition


There is now a group dedicated to making sure Mitt Romney does not win the GOP nomination. From the group’s op-ed in the Des Moines Register:

Mitt Romney is an honorable person. But he is not a conservative. His record over many decades is unquestionably moderate, and although he may be saying many good things now, we cannot trust that he will be a conservative in the White House.

Today we are launching a website, with an online organizing petition, for the silent majority of American conservatives who remain unenthused, demoralized and depressed about the prospect of Republican nominee Mitt Romney and even President Romney.

Half measures are not what America needs at the present moment of extreme peril. One can turn to recent polling, Romney allies’ favorite evidence of a mandate, to discover that Romney’s strengths quickly are becoming his weaknesses.

This and his inability to break the standard frontrunner’s 30 percent, show that there is a growing national consensus: We don’t have an inevitable nominee. However, if Mitt Romney wins Iowa, he may become the inevitable nominee overnight.

Romney is campaigning in Iowa today. Speculation is that he may, after months of mostly ignoring the state, decide to make a serious play there.

The NMR group’s first web video:


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