A New Site for Sawx Fans

by Jason Epstein

There is a new go-to site for Red Sox (and, yes, Liverpool FC!) fans, particularly those who are big on statistical analysis: http://redsoxbeacon.com. Marc Normandin of Baseball Prospectus, Patrick Sullivan of Baseball Analysts, and Ryan Beale of RBeale.com offer up a regular dose of news, analysis, and useful links.

Here is an excerpt from Sullivan on this year’s club:

Bad baseball players, or at least players having awful seasons, are very much a part of good baseball teams. I think more than any GM in baseball, [Theo] Epstein tries to prepare for the worst. They may not work every season, but the Red Sox always seem to have contingency plans in place. But this year, this roster, is just an amazing collection of baseball talent from 1 to 25. Ok, maybe that’s charitable to Dennys Reyes and Matt Albers, but they’re the last two guys out of the bullpen. 1 to 23, call it.

Although very much the optimist, he cautions:

You need talent to win. But as we learned in 2010, you also need health, some luck, and you need your talent to actually perform. Maybe Crawford struggles in an environment like Boston. Maybe the caliber of play in the AL East will offset any gains we expected from getting Gonzalez out of Petco. Youk, Pedroia and Ellsbury could all go down again. You just never know.

The Red Sox play the Rangers in Arlington, Texas, at 4:05 EDT.

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