Update on the Barry Bonds Trial

by Greg Pollowitz

The prosecutors are at the plate . . . oh! Swing and a miss:

Barry Bonds’ personal physician Arthur Ting surprised the prosecutors on Thursday and denied discussing Bonds’ steroid use with Steve Hoskins, who testified last week.

Dr. Ting so flummoxed the feds that they were unable to recover and may have given the jury all it needs to wonder if any of the allegations against the defendant come from reliable witnesses.

Ting said no when asked if he had had multiple conversations with Hoskins’, Bonds’ former business partner about the dangers of steroids and also denied every telling Hoskins that a 1999 injury resulted from steroids use.

That leaves Hoskins out there on the island of no credibility, at least that is what the defense hopes happened yesterday. Hoskins was adamant that Ting told him after surgery performed on Barry that but for juicing, the surgery wouldn’t have been necessary.

Adding insult to injury, Dr. Ting gave the jurors what they might need to decide there is reasonable doubt that the back and shoulder acne coupled with size changes to significant body parts was a direct result of steroids us.

Man, I thought the prosecution had a slam-dunk case when they introduced zits into evidence. The rest here.

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