New Evidence Discovered in the Barry Bonds Trial

by Greg Pollowitz

It looks like the prosecution gets one more trip to the plate:

SAN FRANCISCO — Barry Bonds’s perjury trial had been on schedule to wrap up by the end of this week, when the jury was expected to start deliberating. Until the government sent an e-mail to the defense at 11 p.m. Sunday, that is.

That e-mail, sent on the eve of the trial’s third week, disclosed to the defense that a government witness — Steve Hoskins, Bonds’s childhood friend and former business manager — had unexpectedly found a piece of evidence that could be pivotal in the case. The e-mail said Hoskins had located a tape recording he had repeatedly said was long lost: a recording between him and Dr. Arthur Ting, Bonds’s orthopedic surgeon.

The tape recording had been on a cassette recorder, so the government transferred it to digital form. When court began Monday, it was in the process of transcribing the conversation.

Hoskins testified two weeks ago that he and Ting had about 50 conversations about Bonds’s steroid use and their concerns about it. But Ting, a prominent Bay Area doctor, denied that when he was on the stand last week, saying that conversation never happened.

The taped conversation between them will show that Hoskins was not lying when he said he and Ting often talked about Bonds and steroids, prosecutors said Monday.

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