by Jay Nordlinger


I was given a wonderful and excruciating assignment: Consider the history of the Masters, and pick ten highlights, for an NRO slideshow. The result is on the homepage, in the middle column. (Can’t miss it.) Note that these are not the “top ten” highlights. That would be all too excruciating. These are just ten highlights, or “Masterly moments,” as we call them.

When I turned in my picks, my homeboy Ed Craig said, “What, no love for Lefty?” Meaning that I had left out Phil Mickelson, three-time winner of the Masters. I said, “Yeah, and no love for Demaret, Snead, Player, or Faldo, either!” They’re also three-time winners. I added, “And it almost killed me to leave out Seve!” (a two-time winner). I had his 1980 victory in there — he slashed gloriously around the course at the age of 23 — but ultimately cut him.

Again, damn near killed me . . .

Often, when you write something that is limited — which is just about everything you write — people say, “You failed to mention . . .” Yes, one “fails to mention” just about everything!

Anyway, happy Masters week.

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