Not John Thompson’s Biggest Fan

by Fred Schwarz

Over at Bleacher Report, there’s a blistering takedown of John Thompson, the former Georgetown basketball coach, by Harold Bell, a veteran DC sports broadcaster. He and Thompson clearly have a history of animosity, but he doesn’t appear to be making things up, and there’s plenty of lurid stuff there. This is actually one of Bell’s milder stories:

Early in his second season at Georgetown, when his job was on the line, in the wee hours of the morning someone hung a banner in the Georgetown Gym that read “John Thompson the nigger coach must go!” 

Back then I was his first line of defense in the media.

When he called my home at 3 a.m. explaining what had happened, I was pissed off.

I must admit, he played me like a beaten drum. I later discovered he’d hung the banner himself. 

All that mattered to him was the end result: It helped him keep his job.

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