Go Go Goldwater

by John J. Miller

State-level free-market think tanks can struggle for attention–but the Goldwater Institute is basking in it right now, as it fights a government deal to keep the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale, Ariz.

Last night, during the Versus broadcast of the Red Wings-Coyotes playoff game, the Goldwater Institute and its president Darcy Olsen came up in conversation. How’s that for having an impact?

About a month ago, I blogged on Goldwater and the Coyotes. About a week ago, George F. Will devoted his column to the subject.

Here’s Goldwater’s own summary of the dispute:

The City of Glendale has been negotiating a deal, much of it taking place behind closed doors, to help businessman Matthew Hulsizer purchase the Phoenix Coyotes. The deal would have Glendale give Mr. Hulsizer $100 million to help purchase the Coyotes, money the City would raise through the sale of bonds. Glendale would also pay Mr. Hulsizer $97 million to manage the Jobing.com Arena over a five-year period.

In return Glendale would get parking rights—rights that documents show Glendale already owns. The City has given the impression that it would use revenues from parking to repay the bonds. However, if the parking revenues do not reach $100 million, Glendale has promised taxpayer money to close the gap—a blatant violation of the Arizona Constitution’s Gift Clause.

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