Re: He Was Asking for It

by Greg Pollowitz


To paraphrase our President, “This is not the Chavez Ravine I thought I knew.”

Growing up in Los Angeles, I’ve been to more Dodgers games than I can count. I still have the felt pennant commemorating their winning of the 1974 NLCS, complete with the stain from a Carnation chocolate ice cream when I used the pennant, much to my father’s chagrin, as a napkin. My last game was in 1988 before I moved to New York City and I ended up catching a foul ball off Kirk Gibson.

In California, you can get your driver’s license at sixteen, which meant the freedom to go to a game whenever you wanted. For the life of me, I can’t remember my parents ever expressing the faintest hint of concern that I was spending the night at a Dodger game with friends. Everything else they worried about, but not a Dodgers game.

New security measures will be in force tonight — hopefully they help return the stadium to its former self.

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