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NBA Playoff Predictions, Round One


My NHL picks are looking fine thus far — Ovechkin stole one from the Rangers, but the pesky Sean Avery returns for game two and, to my mind, that spells power-play chances for the Blueshirts; and the Sabres have taken away the home-ice advantage from the Flyers, but that’s OK by me! — so why not toss out some NBA predictions?

Heat over 76ers in five. We might even have a Chris Bosh sighting. (Zing!)

Bulls sweep Pacers. Rose wears Number 1 for a reason.

Hawks upset Magic in seven. 

(Homer alert!) Knicks in six, baby — Shaq or no Shaq (preferably no Shaq). The Knicks can’t defend, but the Celts can’t rebound. Here’s to hoping Rondo’s funk continues.

Spurs over Griz in six. Five if Ginobili’s elbow doesn’t keep him out long.

Mavs over Blazers in six.

Lakers sweep Hornets. Lebron Schmlebron. Kobe may be a creep, but he’s the league’s best one-on-one player on both sides of the court. 

Thunder over Nuggets in seven. Kendrick Perkins averages 10 boards a game — and he won’t be wearing Celtics green. (Zing!)

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