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Extra Nationem Nulla Salus


I am serving as an RCIA sponsor for a friend of the family in his conversion to Catholicism this Easter weekend. I’ve struggled mightily with whether I can serve that role for him. You see, he’s a Yankees fan, and I’m not sure I can save him from eternal damnation.

So I have decided that the profession of faith at the Easter Vigil will need a few extra lines. If my friend can assent to these, I’ll be right there with my hand on his shoulder:

Do you reject Derek Jeter, his slap singles and all of his unearned gold gloves?
Do you believe in Ted Williams, the almighty, the best hitter of all time?
Do you believe that God created the heavens, the earth, and Fenway Park?
Do you believe that by coming back from a three games to none deficit, beating the Evil Empire, and winning the World Series, the Red Sox have set the Nation free?
Do you believe in the Bloody Sock, the Green Monster, the forgiveness of Bill Buckner, the resurrection from the dead (of the ’04 Sox), and happiness everlasting, provided that the Yankees finish behind Boston in the standings?

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