The Games People Play

by Jason Epstein

Thanks to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, we learn that the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association has put out its annual sport-by-sport participation list.

Among the findings:

An amazing 1.9 million people participated in triathlons in 2010, up 63.7 percent from the year before. 

The treadmill is being used by 42.5% more Americans than it was in 2000, while the amount of people that use the cross country ski machine is down 52.9 percent.

Despite the growth of the NFL, tackle football participation is down 16.1 percent over the last decade.

In the oddball category, there are 3.2 million cheerleaders in this country, up 22.7% in 2000 and 19.4 million people now play ping pong, up a whopping 53 percent in the last decade.

Things aren’t good if it has wheels. All down over the last decade? Roller skating (63.6 percent), roller hockey (down 65.3 percent) and skateboarding (30.9 percent).

The SGMA press release announcing the survey may be accessed here.

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